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Director ( Training, Planning & Development )

Lt. Col Md Razaul Karim, Psc

Director ( Training, Planning & Development )
Department of Fire Service and Civil Defence

Bangladesh is recognized globally as one of the most vulnerable country to climate change impact.

Another type of response you must acknowledge is the need for fire and life safety education; as a fighter, you have a duty to respond to this need as well. Public fire and life safety education should be as important as hazard mitigation. Unfortunately, this is not a popular concept among most firefighters.

All disasters are associated with fire incident excluding flash flood. So more training is needed and awareness program for the people to be enhanced. The present Government is committed to reduce disasters by enhancing overall disaster management capacity. Government of Bangladesh has expressed its commitment to invest more in the field of DISASTER RISK REDUCTION. Government of Bangladesh is implementing several programs to enhance the disaster management system, response and recovery including fire fighting system to a risk reduction culture and for that” Standing Orders On Disaster” has been developed. According to Bangladesh National Building Code BNBC, All high rise buildings ,industries, factories, and business centers have to appoint fire safety manager/supervisor. Based on the present demand and circumstancer, Fire Service and Civil Defence will play a vital role to improve reducing disaster in Bangladesh.